Causes of Water Damage Restoration

water damage restorationWater damage causes can range from many different issues, and B & Z is ready to repair your water damage restoration services. Some of the most common causes of water damage include:

  • Overflowing bathtubs and broken toilets.
  • High levels of humidity can lead to walls sweating.
  • Flash flooding from natural disasters
  • Damaged roofs may cause water damage to the structure of an attic, in addition to ceiling damage.

Here’s What We’ll do to Minimize Damage and Prevent Mold.

  1. First, you get a full moisture inspection with professional meters to determine where moisture may be hiding within your walls. This is the most common place for mold.
  2. Your carpet, rugs, and floors, are extracted with truck-mounted equipment to remove as much moisture as possible.
  3. Professional drying equipment is used to pull the rest of the moisture out of the moisture out of your drywall, baseboards, and cabinets.
  4. Your home will be back to normal as quick as possible.

B&Z has an experienced team that’s here to help with all your water damage restoration needs. From standard drying and clean-up to structural repairs we can take care of damages caused by high levels of humidity or water. Our licensed team will deal with the insurance companies for you, providing the support you need. Follow us on Facebook to check-in and leave reviews.

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Water, or fire damage, and mold can cause significant amounts of damage that are not visible to the naked eye. We can handle everything. By giving B&Z a call today you’ll minimize the damage from getting worst, plus we’ll get the job done faster, and it’ll be more cost efficient.